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Poor Guy Has To Wear A Shirt Saying He’s Not Bernie Sanders Or Larry David

Travon Free's Twitter

Travon Free’s Twitter

Over the weekend, an older gentleman was spotted in a diner wearing a shirt telling people that he’s not Bernie Sanders or Larry David. I can understand why this shirt is necessary, as the resemblance is uncanny.

This poor soul. By far the worst part of being famous has gotta be getting harassed by random people when you are just trying to live your life. Having jackass paparazzi flash cameras in your face when you are trying to stumble out a bar at 2 a.m. has to be super annoying. But at least famous people have boatloads of money to make it easier for them deal with this inconvenience. This guy gets none of the benefits that come with being famous; only the downside of getting bugged all the time.

Such a goddamn shame.¬†Everybody’s got a cross to bear, but looking exactly like Bernie Sanders and Larry David is an extremely raw deal. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t also have to deal with discrimination for being bald. That’d be too much for any man to take.

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