This Kaley Cuoco Photo Almost Makes Me Want To Watch 'The Big Bang Theory'

So apparently in last Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco dressed up in bondage gear for a sex dungeon scene. I didn’t see the show because I’m not a giant f*cking nerd, but thankfully, Kaley blessed her Instagram followers with a behind the scenes photo.

Holy smokes, what I wouldn’t give to be in that dungeon. I’d legally change my middle name to Bazinga to be in the mere presence of those fun bags. That poor corset never stood a chance.
Here’s a video of the scene, so you can get the full effect of Kaley’s unreal outfit.
The Big Bang Theory is still hot garbage, but they might be on to something here. If they can find a way to put Kaley in kinky outfits for 22 minutes every week, they might just find themselves a new viewer in the coveted 18-34 demographic.

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