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WATCH: Cubs Fans Put Their Lives In The Hands Of Complete Strangers With 18-Foot-High Trust Falls



I get that Cubs fans are excited that their team won the World Series after over a century of impotence, but doing trust falls off an 18-foot statue just isn’t a good idea. 5 million people showed up to the Cubs World Series celebration, and the idea that you can trust every single one of them with your life just because you all root for the same baseball team is just foolish. If one of the people expected to catch you panics and pulls away, you’re instantly a deadman. But hey, at least you’re a deadman who got to witness his favorite baseball team win the World Series, so it’s not all bad news.

Maybe I just can’t understand all these Cubs fans’ pandemonium because I’m a New Yorker who was spoiled watching the Yankees win four world series by my eighth birthday. But at least a few days ago Cubs fans had a billy goat’s curse to blame for their 108 years without a championship. Now they have to come with grips that there never was any curse and their team was just completely inept that entire time. Isn’t that in a way worse than just thinking your team is eternally cursed?

Anyway, below are the videos of the delirious Cubs fans trust falls. Luckily these fans’ unfounded trust didn’t cost any of them their lives.



(h/t Gizmodo)






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