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WATCH: Man Viciously Beats Up Two Brothers For Messing With His Sister



Unfortunately, I don’t have much background information on this video. The only thing I know is that two brothers allegedly touched a young man’s sister in an alley, and he was not too pleased about it. What this video lacks in context, it more than makes up for in graphic violence.

Sweet vigilante justice. Right after that initial huge body slam you knew those two jackasses were in big, big trouble. I don’t understand why the guy in the white tee didn’t just run for the hills after seeing the beating his brother was taking. After about the 12th straight haymaker landed, it would have been time for him to make his escape. Screw brotherhood; it’s all about self-preservation at that point.

That really was a highly impressive performance too. You gotta love how he made a commitment to work the body. Throwing body shots is sadly a lost art, but that was a perfect example of how effective those blows can be. This video needs to be shown in every street fighting academy across the globe. He can be the Tom Emanski of proper technique for beating up perverts.

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