Every Single Locker Room, From the NFL to High School, Is Getting Into The #MannequinChallenge

The MannequinChallenge is the latest and “greatest” group viral video series to hit Twitter and Instagram. Essentially, it asks a bunch of people to freeze where they are, while in an interesting position as another person films the whole room, or parking lot, or locker room, etc.

What Is The Mannequin Challenge?

The #MannequinChallenge is a viral video idea that was (according to Mashable) started by a bunch of high school students in the video below.

Even though these enterprising students misspelled the word “mannequin,” we’ll let it slide because this thing has gone viral and it doesn’t look like the video in the middle of English class. Anyways, these videos have absolutely exploded in the last 48 hours and a ton of different celebrities, schools, and even professional sports teams are getting in on the action.

The Best Mannequin Challenge Videos

The Pittsburgh Steelers #MannequinChallenge is probably my favorite, mostly because of the appearance of James Harrison mid-pull up (below).

Next up on the list of great #MannequinChallenge clips are the boys in blue, those University of Michigan Wolverines (below).

Even UTEP is getting in on the action (below).

Now we’re in the land of high schoolers, which is where the #MannequinChallenge is really blowing up.


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