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Frat Boy Arrested After Squashing Skunk With Shovel

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Something stinks here, and it’s not the skunk! Sure, skunks release a foul, hard-to-remove odor as these little creatures are scared and look at their awful spray will fend off predators (and it usually does). But this little critter with black fur and a white striped back is still vulnerable despite its stinky nature. One predator that this skunk wasn’t able to fend off was a frat boy from Indiana University.

This is exactly what happened when a skunk interrupted an intramural basketball game between fraternity members. The animal wandered across the court and caught the eye of Andrew Baldini. Police say that he picked up a shovel and whacked the skunk, causing the poor animal to limp off in an injured state. Baldini then followed the creature onto a public sidewalk on East 3rd Street with intent to kill. He hit the skunk repeatedly with the shovel until it died.

But this frat boy didn’t get away with this disturbing act of violence. He was cuffed and wheeled away by police officers, who would charge this collegiate criminal with felony animal cruelty charges. I’m sure he won’t feel like such an alpha male in a prison cell. He’ll most likely encounter much larger predators in the big houseĀ and may feel just as vulnerable as that skunk.

He could have just called Bloomington’s pest control to take care of that potentially stinky intruder but instead, he now faces a prison sentence. Maybe this can serve as a lesson for Mr. Baldini. Maybe this felony charge can show him the significance of snuffing out a beating heart, no matter how small.

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