Penn State University Trump Supporters Build A Wall On Campus Around Flag

In less than a week, a very memorable election will take place. Being a college student, I should probably know more about politics than I am admitting, considering the winner of this presidential election will be leading our country by the time I graduate college. But… I am going to continue to be a naïve, clueless, and oblivious 20-year-old.

Penn State students are extremely verbal in their political views, and if you’ve walked past Old Main in the last 24 hours, no, you are not hallucinating. Students for Trump (an organization on campus), a group that has around 250 members, built a four-foot wooden wall around the American flag on Penn State’s Old Main lawn, as well as propped up Trump signs, inviting other students to discuss the election. It was built to symbolize protecting the United States. However, there is apparently a bigger meaning and “discrete” significance behind the wall that they have built.

Students for Trump built the wall to show that a real wall would protect America from the outside, however, there is a small opening in the wall that symbolizes how America would still invite people to come inside, but only legally. Hence “no bad hombres.” The students in this organization are trying to promote open dialogue about the election, the wall, and other controversial policies. This is a great idea because the current world of people being judged and receiving hostile feedback every time they say who they are voting for, no matter which candidate, needs to come to an end.

Safe to say this election has made people go a little nuts. But hey, what’s a “politic” again?

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