Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft’s Mysterious Project Scorpio

Microsoft officially announced Project Scorpio at E3 2016 and it was proclaimed to be “the most powerful console ever built” by its presenters. Project Scorpio is still a codename for this brand new Xbox console and the projected release period is sometime around the holiday season 2017. Until then, it’s all about analyzing images and reading between the lines. Here are a few takeaways worth knowing.

1. It’s backwards compatible with most Xbox 360 games and all Xbox One games and accessories.



This recent news is great for fans of Red Dead Redemption and Halo 3, although the details of exactly how this backwards compatible feature will work are something of a mystery. Currently, backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One is a free feature but does, however, require both a Xbox 360 console and HDMI cable. This could mean that backwards compatible from 360 to Scorpio could require more materials.

2. It is virtual reality compatible.



This puts Microsoft in big competition with Sony, and for good reason. Sony already has a VR headset out on the market and it’s pulling in sales. With the help of VR titles like Fallout 4 VR , Project Scorpio is sure to bring in a lot of players.

3. It is catered toward 4K TV.



The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, previously said that playing the next Xbox console on an HDTV “is not going to do anything for you.” He later changed his statement, saying  the combination may “run a little better.” There have been no official videos comparing specs and we look forward to seeing the differences. As of now this puts Project Scorpio’s console in more competition with the Ps4 Pro, which is stated to not be an essential for a 4K TV.

4. “6 Teraflops Of Power.”



This was mentioned repeatedly, so here’s some tech education so we can all stop thinking “that sounds pretty cool… but what does it mean?” A flop is defined as a unit of measured performance (or speed) for a machine. The tera part is a translation of  the word trillions. In the types of flops that exist, teraflop is ranked as the third fastest performance rate. While this may seem a little disappointing, teraflops is still an incredible rate and probably better off for the electric bill.

5. Fallout 4 Will Most Likely Be a Launch Day Title



The use of Fallout 4 in the promo video remains as the only verbally stated gaming title. It would be fairly safe to say that whenever Project Scorpio launches, so will Fallout 4 VR. It would also be reasonable to assume that certain new characteristics for Fallout 4 VR will be only accessible on Project Scorpio. A launch day lineup hasn’t been announced yet but it would be awkward not to see Fallout 4 VR on the list.

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