Joe Maddon Putting On His Deceased Father’s Cap After Winning World Series Is Why Sports Are Great

Does anyone in sports seem as awesome as Joe Maddon? Just do a quick Google search of his name and you’ll find story after story of Maddon just being an all around excellent dude.

While Joe Maddon manages the Cubs, he carries an Angels hat around with him in his bag.

Via USA Today:

Omens, I don’t know. I did see my dad’s hat in my bag today. I carry my dad’s hat with me.

He passed away in 2002, we won the World Series, and I’ve had his old Angel hat in my bag since then. So it goes everywhere. So the one thing I’m relying on today is my dad. I held onto his hat a little bit this morning, and that’s probably the omen in a sense going into this game.

Maddon put the cap in his back pocket to start the 10th inning, and we all know what happened next. Watch Maddon’s incredibly emotional post-game interview here.

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