WATCH: Someone’s Chopping Onions While I’m Watching These Older Cubs Fan Reactions


Cubs Fan Reactions

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series last night, something that hasn’t happened in 108 years. There are literally people who have lived and died without experiencing what you had the opportunity to watch last night. Multiple generations have come and gone during the Cubs’ World Series championship drought.

But through it all, the Chicago Cubs fans have stuck with their team–through thick and thin, even though most of it was definitely thin.

There were hundreds of people who recorded their reactions to the final out of the 2016 World Series, and all of them are the same: pure joy. These aren’t the reactions you’d see from Yankees fans or SF Giants fans. Not because Yankees and Giants fans don’t love their teams, but because they’ve won multiple World Series titles in recent history. These are the kinds of tears that have been building up for years. These are tears that were passed down from fathers, and even grandfathers, to their children.

And now they’re finally able to celebrate something many of them never believed would happen: the Cubs winning the World Series. Congratulations to the city of Chicago.

But it didn’t just stop with the Cubs fans still here on Earth. There were multiple dedications from both the Chicago Cubs front office and from fans to the Cubs fans who are no longer with us.

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