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What’s Up With This Grown Ass Woman Stealing An Entire Bowl Of Halloween Candy?

Woman steals Candy


Growing up, trick-or-treating was the true meaning of Halloween. Yes, your costume mattered to an extent, but it was all about how much candy you could get in the neighborhood. There was no better feeling than coming home from a night of trick-or-treating and pouring out all of your candy on the floor to see what you scored. From there, you would put on your GM hat and negotiate trades with other kids for an extra Reese’s Cup or Milky Way. Just an overall fun experience.

That being said, this lady ruined it all for this neighborhood in New York. There’s always that one asshole kid who takes too much candy from the bowl, but I didn’t expect that person to be a full grown adult. Hey lady, you even got caught doing it on camera!

This lady can go kick rocks. What a preposterous move on her part. There are so many warning signs that show this lady is crazy. She’s not wearing a costume and no, the Italia jacket does not count and should be burned immediately. She’s trick-or-treating by herself which is just a psycho move in general. Then, she has the audacity to just dump the whole bowl of candy into her bag and walk away. Not one or two pieces, but the entire bowl of candy. Are you kidding me, lady?

Am I overreacting? Not at all. Everyone knows that if there is no sign on the bowl, you take two to three pieces of candy. That’s stuff you learn in first grade. No one wants to be “that guy” who raids the bowl and takes all the candy for themselves. The guy who takes all the candy from the bowl is the same guy who will be the high school bully. You know what happens to the high school bully? They are usually washed up by 19 and struggling to find a job because they realize that they peaked too soon in life. The moral of the story is to not be an asshole and hog the candy.

I just wish that a bunch of wannabe-badass middle school kids saw this happen and unleashed on her with eggs and toilet paper. That is the karma that she deserves.

COED Writer