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WATCH: Cowboys Wife Wins Bet, Kicks Eagles Husband In Nuts Really, Really Hard


Wife Kicks Husband in the Nuts

According to the internet, this is a video of a husband and wife. This particular husband lost a bet to his wife, who is now allowed to kick him in the nuts. This particular wife thought it’d be funny to take her husband up on his offer and kick him particularly hard in the nuts. She doesn’t tap him hard or come anywhere close to tapping him. She gives his nuts the boot.

I don’t need to know much else about this marriage to know that this is going to end up in divorce within three years.

Watch below.

I’m extraordinarily angry at this woman for thinking that kind of kick comes anywhere close to being okay. Unless the guy is wearing a cup or something, she could easily have sent him to the hospital.

Also, what kind of bet is this? What are the stakes if the man loses? That he gets laid maybe a few more times a year? #ButtStuff2016? That he doesn’t have to cook dinner? These are all great things, but they aren’t like, wanting-to-end-your-life painful. All I’m saying is that he gave his wife a chance. He trusted her. And what did she do? She crushed his nuts with her feet on video.

All in all, I’m disappointed with all parties involved. And it has nothing to do with either of them being Eagles or Cowboys fans. Maybe after their divorce they’ll find different significant others who can help them make better decisions.

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