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Yeah, Dude, Dressing Up As A Bottle Of Roofies For Halloween Is A SWELL Idea

(Picture: Twitter/@jimlohmar)

(Picture: Twitter/@jimlohmar)

Homie looks like a pervert even without the costume, let’s just get that out there. He looks like he starred in the pilot episode of To Catch A Predator. But let’s toss looks out of the window for a second because, as your mother always told you, you should never judge a book by its cover. Without the costume, maybe this dude’s just a cute innocent Grandpa. But WITH the costume, not only is he King Perv, Lord of Creepville, but he’s just an all-around idiot. That’s right, meet the dude who decided to dress up as a bottle of Rohypnol.

We bring you down to¬†Charleston, South Carolina, where the World’s Dumbest Person took offensive Halloween costumes to probably one of the most untouchable areas of society: rape. You don’t mess around with rape, dude. Just really not a good look.

If anyone reading this post happens to know this dude, give him a square kick in the nuts for me.

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