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Props To This Kid For Keeping His Cool As This Girl Beats The Piss Out Of Him


girl hits guy

Everyone is taught from a young age that “men don’t hit women.” It’s just a fact of life that I 100% agree with. That being said, is it ok for a woman to hit a man?

Well, this question was put to the test at a highly reputable and well-respected franchise in Australia, 7/11. Here’s the description and video.

She needed 6$ for 7/11 and offered to lift her skirt to get that 6$. She mentioned she was from emerald and my mate replied classic emerald. This is her reaction to that. What is everyone’s thoughts?

Define rock bottom. Is lifting up your skirt for $6 at 7/11 as low as it gets? I understand the taquitos at 7/11 can be addicting and everyone has done dumb things while drunk, but I’m not going to sit here and say that I would pull down my pants to pay for them. Swap out taquitos for a nice chicken parmigiana from an Italian restaurant and I will not only take them off, but I will let you keep my pants.

Anyways, I’ve never been to Australia, but is this a common thing to do in Emerald? Flash for 7/11? Imagine in the U.S. if people just walked into a place like McDonalds and payed for their meals by flashing.

“Yeah can I get a McDouble and a McChicken?”

“That will be $8.”

*Pulls Down Pants*

“Here’s your receipt and have a nice day!”

It’s actually kind’ve funny just thinking about it. Who needs cash when you can flash?!? Back to Australia, come on Emerald, you’re better then that! (Update: I still have absolutely no idea where Emerald is or what their reputation is)

That being said, this girl is absolutely NUTS. This girl swinging at this dude like a young Ronda Rousey! Constant haymaker after haymaker with no signs of giving up. Credit to this dude for not striking her back whatsoever. You see so many viral videos of guys hitting women so it’s awesome to see this guy kept his composure. Now, part of me says he deserves some of those punches for that sinister smirk he has on his face, but let’s remember, he isn’t the one who was going to flash someone for $6. The dude was asking to be punched, but if he were to just put his hands up by his face to defend himself, that would’ve been totally fine with me.Besides, the girl is still the loser in all this because she looks like a complete fool on camera AND she didn’t get her 7/11.

Also, there’s only one Emerald and that’s Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. You’re lying through your teeth if that didn’t come to mind right away.


COED Writer