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No Big Deal, UW-Madison Football Fan Wears Obama Costume With Noose To Game



At this point in time, if you’re wearing blackface you’re either a piece of sh*t or the dumbest person on planet Earth. There is zero excuse for that kind of racism. The same thing can be said for putting a noose on a black person’s head, except you’re even sh*ttier or dumber. But at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a racist Halloween costume depicting lynching a black person is the kind of costume that gets you into last weekend’s football game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Here’s a description of the Halloween costume from The University Herald:

The costume in question was a play on a double sided mask. On one side is Hillary Clinton and on the other side is United States President Barack Obama. It was worn by a fan dressed in black and white prison garb with a noose around his neck. At the end of the rope, Donald Trump was holding the noose. During the game, a Wisconsin Athletics representative said that the person was asked to remove some offensive items. The person agreed and he was allowed to stay during the remaining duration of the game. The representative notes the policy on wearing masks when entering the stadium.

You can see a photo of the costume below. Presumably, Clinton’s face is on the front, and Obama’s face in on the back:


Yep, just confirming that this person is lynching a costume of the first black president in United States history. Great job UW-Madison! Now here’s another look at the person who was wearing the mask.

Honestly, this is pretty much exactly the kind of person I’d expect to be wearing this outfit.

Someone in the stands reported the two people seen in the Halloween costumes, and stadium security made sure that they removed the noose. Stadium security then reported they were constantly monitoring the duo to make sure that they didn’t put the noose back on. Here’s an official statement from UW-Madison.

“During the first half of this evening’s Wisconsin football game against Nebraska, UW officials were made aware that an individual in the seating bowl had donned a highly insensitive and offensive costume. UW Athletics’ guest services staff were dispatched to the individual’s seating area where they asked him to remove the offensive components of the costume. He complied.

“UW Athletics’ policy regarding admission into the stadium with a costume stipulates that no one may be wearing a mask upon entering the facility. Once inside, it is permissible to wear a mask. The costume, while repugnant AND COUNTER TO THE VALUES OF THE UNIVERSITY AND ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT, was an exercise of the individual’s right to free speech. The university also exercised its rights by asking the individual to remove the offensive parts of the costume.

“UW-Madison is dedicated to promoting a campus environment where all people feel valued, safe and able to thrive. To that end, the university continues to encourage all of our community members to engage in discussion over vital issues in ways that promote greater understanding and respect for all persons.”

Great job. Great work UW-Madison, let’s take another look at some other breaking news coming from your school.

A serial rapist accused of raping thirteen different women.

A UW-Madison student selling “All White People Are Racist” sweatshirts.

Seems like everything’s coming up UW-Madison.

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