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WATCH: Man Takes Halloween Pranks To New Levels, Steals Cop Car, Posts Facebook Live Videos



Halloween night is a time for pranks and tricks, but John Pinney from Oklahoma decided that toilet paper and poop weren’t crazy enough.

So what did Pinney do? Dude went and stole a police car, took it for a joyride that lasted all night, talked for a few minutes about country music + rap, and posted multiple Facebook Live videos for everyone to see. Honestly, it’d be an almost unbelievable story if John hadn’t gotten out of the car and showed everyone the outside of the car itself. But we promise you that it’s very true. And now in the light of day, we can actually fill you in a bit on what happened.

According to CBS News, a Tulsa Police Department officer left her car keys in the ignition during a coffee break. John Pinney came across the unattended car and then stole it. But not before he offered his services to a bystander.

Tulsa police sergeant Steve Stoltz said a woman called 911 not long after and told the dispatcher she saw a man get into a police car and he asked if she wanted a ride, but drove off when she said no.

What a baller. If you aren’t going to get laid in a stolen cop car, it might be time to hang it up.

During his joyride, he used the officer’s iPad to upload multiple Facebook videos of his evening.

Facebook Live Videos

“I’m in the cop car. Where’s my sirens at?” Pinney says, before finding the sirens. “You hear my sirens? Look, check it out. I can’t even believe that I’m doing this, though, for real,” Pinney said. “I got away from like five cops already.”

These are the words that we’d expect to hear from someone stealing a cop car and posting it to a Facebook Live.

The next video, over eight-minutes long, shows John talking for over 8 minutes about his life, how he wound up in the police car, and a couple of other less interesting things.

In the third video, maybe my favorite, we catch up with John Pinney on the run from the police. The cops are in the background, music is playing, and we’re all set for an awesome end to the saga.

But instead of some crazy sh*t, we have John talking about country music and A$AP Rocky. As far as “things you want to go out to” this is just about the lamest thing

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