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A Ton Of New Emojis Are On The Way & It’s About Damn Time They Added A Bat


I’m a couple things: I dabble in conspiracy theories, I’m a New York sports guy, I like Sunday night HBO, and I’m a huge f*cking Batman fan. Can’t put my finger on it specifically — although it was probably the early ’90s cartoon that did it for me — but Batman has been an influence on my life since I can remember. Read my bio if you don’t believe me. So you can understand my HYPE when I found out Apple is finally getting their shit together and adding a bat emoji.

Just imagine the possibilities a Bat emoji can bring to my life.

I get a text from my friend: “Yo Ital, where you at?”

Me: Bat emoji.

Boom. I get to tell my friend to f*ck himself while also referencing Batman.

Get a text from a random number: “Who is this?”

Me: Bat emoji.

And just like that, now they know who I am. I’m Batman.

Anyway, there are a bunch of other dope additions like a Harambe emoji, an owl, and that dude in the purple suit doing the disco.


Overall A+ upgrade from Apple. Batman approves.

Via Mac Rumors:

Unicode 9 emoji are included in iOS 10.2. Some of the new emoji include clown face, drooling face, selfie, fox face, owl, shark, butterfly, avocado, pancakes, croissant, and more. There are more than a hundred new emoji, including several profession emoji available in both male and female genders, such as firefighter, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, scientist, and more. Many existing emoji have also seen significant redesigns.

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