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WATCH: Phoenix Suns Dancer Fails Miserably Attempting Backflip


Last night was a rough one for the Phoenix Suns in various ways. Unsurprisingly, they lost 106-100 to the Golden State Warriors to drop to 0-3 on the season. A whole bunch of teams are going to lose to the Warriors this season, so that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But they should be ashamed about this ridiculous typo.

Jesus Christ. Eric Bledsoe is pretty much the only player worth a damn on their whole roster, and they can’t even get this name right. He’s been a Sun for four years now, and it’s not like Bledsoe is a name that would be stumping kids in a spelling bee.

While that jersey typo is totally inexcusable, I can understand where this guy was coming from. A Suns dancer was trying to get the home crowd fired up, but he ran into a little trouble during his backflip attempt.

A for effort, F – for execution. I could watch that GIF on a loop for the rest of the day and never stop smiling. My only complaint is that we never get to hear the thud of that dude’s melon hitting the hardwood. Poor guy was never even close to sticking the landing.

Personally, I don’t even know why the Suns bother with a dancing squad, as the Gorilla is hands down the best mascot in all of sports. They should just give him a one-man show and watch greatness unfold. He would provide enough electricity to light up the entire Las Vegas strip.

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