WATCH: These Two New Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump Rap Battles Will Have You Cracking Up

(screenshot via YouTube/ Paint)
This presidential campaign has devolved into a dumpster fire, and at this point nobody would be surprised if either candidate actually released an “Ether”-style diss track about their opponent. So naturally we got two rap battle YouTube videos that attempt to convey the absurdity of this election season.
Epic Rap Battles of History- the reigning heavyweight champion of the genre- delivered a gabfest between the two candidates so vicious that it elicits an appearance by Abraham Lincoln to set them straight.

Then YouTuber Jon Cozart aka Paint gave us another take on what a rap battle between the two nominees would look like, with Ken Bone in between them trying to decide which of these buffoons to vote for.

As these videos prove, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

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