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This Pile Of Manure Dropped In Front Of An Ohio Democratic County HQ Is This Election In a Nutshell

manure dump ohio


Just when you thought this shitshow of an election couldn’t stink any worse, a huge pile of manure was dropped in front of the Warren County Democratic Headquarters in Ohio.

The Warren County office is located just outside of Cincinnati, and the county leans heavily Republican.

As a result of the prank, Warren Democratic Party Bethe Goldenfield chair just laughed it off rather than overreacting. Just kidding. Of course she went absolutely nuts.

“What reasonable person thinks this is OK????” Goldenfield wrote on Facebook. “I won’t be responding to anyone who this this is acceptable behavior. It is ILLEGAL!”

No word who the culprit is, but this seems like the type of savage troll job that could have only been masterminded by the infamous SkankHunt42.


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