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Clemson Vs. Florida State Live Stream: How To Watch Online

Florida State Clemson football live stream

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Clemson Tigers are on the hunt in Tallahassee this Saturday night, and they’re starved for some Seminoles. These two teams are not at all strangers, as they’ve met yearly on the football field to pursue and prolong their rivalry for almost 25 years. The Tigers are undefeated so far this season, as they were last season when they defeated the Florida State Seminoles by a score of 23-13. Although Florida State has the longest win streak against Clemson, with 11 wins between 1992 and 2002.

Tigers coach Dabo Swinney said, “This is Clemson-Florida State. It doesn’t matter what the records are. There’s plenty of juice in this one.” No matter what the record books may say, the Tigers are still a force that can run through a pack of Seminoles, who are a fierce top 15 team. There’s definitely a lot of pride on the line as both teams wait anxiously to face off in their annual showdown. The Florida State team looks to slow down Clemson, as the Tigers look to maul the Seminoles.

But where can you watch another chapter of this intense rivalry? Where you can you kick back as the chaos unfolds? Just look below and I’ll tell you all you’ll need to know. You’ll be able to watch the game on your tablet, TV set, mobile device and anywhere online in no time!

Clemson vs. Florida State Viewing Details

Date: Saturday, October 29, 2016
8:00 P.M. EST
Bobby Bowden Field, Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, Florida
TV Channel: 
Live Stream (computer): 
Live Stream (mobile): 

How To Live Stream Clemson vs. Florida State Game Online

Away from the TV set? On your laptop or desktop? Do you have the urge to watch some college football? Or are you interested in seeing this annual showdown between Clemson and Florida State? Whatever the reason, I’ll be able to help you see the game live and online! Are you hooked up with a cable or satellite subscription? Good! Does that cable or satellite subscription carry ESPN? Even better! You’re in good standing to watch this much-anticipated game between Seminoles and Tigers.

To stream this game online, you’ll need to click on WatchESPN and this Saturday night, you can see if the Clemson Tigers remain undefeated or if the Florida State Seminoles can scalp their success and throw the South Carolina team off of the victory wagon and into the isle of defeat.

How To Live Stream Clemson vs. Florida State Game Mobile or Tablet

Or would you rather watch this epic showdown right from your tablet or mobile device? Well, good news! ESPN has you covered again. They have something cool called the ESPN App, where you can live stream many of your favorite games from the big leagues to college sports. The app is free to download for all the cable and satellite subscribers that are hooked up with ESPN and all their excellent programming.

But where can you download this app? There’s more than a handful of options to choose, where you can download the app and stream this much-anticipated game. You can download the app off of Google PlayWindows Store, Xbox One, Amazon App,  PlayStation 4, iTunes, and Roku.

How To Live Stream Clemson vs. Florida State Online Without Cable Subscription

You don’t have a cable or satellite subscription? Well, don’t worry. You can still watch the game online and I’ll show you how. Just click on Sling TV, choose the Sling Orange package (which is $20 per month), but if you pay attention, you can see this game for free (along with a full week of streaming your favorite games and shows).

Just click on the Sling website; you’ll see a light blue bar with the wonderful words (and number) “Watch Now 7 Days Free” – you’ll probably want to take advantage of this great offer and watch the yearly conflict between two southern college football rivals.

And of course, you must pick the Sling Orange package; you’ll get the best deal to watch the game live and at your convenience. And if you cancel within seven days, you will not be charged. So, if you’re just looking for a free sample, you can get that too! Though if you do choose to hang around with Sling, you’ll be able to see your favorite shows from ESPN (2, 3 and Original), you can laugh it up on FX or FXX, Adult Swim or IFC, and you can watch a fresh spin on journalism with Viceland. So, if you like what you’re reading, you may want to put aside an extra $20 a month for sports, action, cartoons and news.

But there isn’t a moment to spare! It’s time to sign up, download and watch your favorite college football live and on your terms!

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