Most-Wanted Drug Dealer Turns Himself In Because He Couldn’t Handle The Stress Of Being On The Run

I feel like if you’re going to commit to a life of crime, you should really stay committed to the bitter end, ya know? Like at a certain point after you’ve already moved some serious drug weight, you really just need to accept the fact that there’s probably not going to be a happy ending. Ride that shit to the end, don’t give in. I don’t know, maybe that’s my imaginary inner drug dealer talking, but if I found myself up shit creek, I’d keep swimming until I drowned.

According to Metro, Robert Gerrard, 53, made arrangements to meet National Crime Agency officers at Central Park Police Station in Manchester, England, because the ‘pressure of being on the run had got too much for him.’

Gerrard, the third “Most Wanted” fugitive in England, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to import cocaine in a $60 million drug plot. That’s a lot of yip.

Naturally, the agency that caught him starting getting all cocky. Greg McKenna, Regional Head of Investigations for the NCA, said, “Robert Gerrard handing himself in shows the impact we are having with our most wanted campaigns.”

Dude just couldn’t handle the stress. You know what they say to do when you can’t handle the heat? Stop making dinner because your cooking f*cking sucks.

[h/t Metro]

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