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Ever Wanted To Watch A Brazilian Prison Fight Club? Here’s Your Chance


If I’ve said it once (I have), I’ve said it a thousand times (I have not): Brazil is basically Mars at this point. I picture it as the Wild Wild West only in 2016. I once watched this documentary about a jail in Brazil and it was essentially just a community that had walls around it.

Anyway, as you can imagine, the prisons in Brazil’s are a dog eat dog world. Via The Daily Mail:

Anonymous statements from former prisoners have been collected by Brazilian media outletGlobo, and they gave a shocking insight into the lives of the inmates.

One said: ‘When does this finish? When the first man faints.’

Another added: ‘The fights take place every day. There is training to prepare for a fight and specific days are marked in the calendar for tournaments.’

An anonymous guard told journalists: ‘As time goes by, prisoners are more and more armed. Guards don’t go into some sectors because of those guns.’

Prosecutor Marcelo Ugiette said: ‘This is an example of what should never happen.’

He added: ‘More than 50 percent of inmates are waiting for their trials.’

The facility was designed for less than 2,000 prisoners and it currently holds 7,000.

If I ever get popped for something in Brazil, I’m just going to ask for the death penalty out right. Your boy would not be able to handle this.

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