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Indians Fan And Ohio University Student Skips Class, Goes To Game, Sends Selfie, Avoids Trouble


Charles Turner Ohio University

Ohio University has to be one of the most underrated schools in the nation. Not only do they host the largest college music festival in the country, their teachers and staff seem to be onboard with students skipping class, as long as they go to World Series Cleveland Indians games.

On Tuesday night, Ohio University student Charles was faced with a bit of a trouble. He had tickets to the Cleveland Indians Game 1 at Progressive Field but didn’t want to miss class. Obviously, he was always going to go to the game, but those of you who actually showed up to class are aware that attendance is a big deal come time for final grades. So he came up with a solid plan.

Do the homework, go to class, sign in, hand in homework to your boy, leave class, watch the Indians win.

Great idea, right? Except that this teacher noticed his absence at the end of class. He got this email from his professor, Damian Nance.


Busted, right? Might as well admit what you’ve done and live the consequences. So that’s exactly what Charles did. He told the truth.


Except, Charles goes to Ohio University where people seem pretty chill. Here’s the response from his professor.


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