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Here’s The Best Costume That’s Supposed To Get You Laid


If you’re single and haven’t decided on a Halloween costume yet, you’re in luck because a new study shows which superheroes women want to see the most. And by “see,” we mean “have sex with.” You want to know who found out that information? A little website called known to some as PHub. Because of their endless amounts of data they can get from searches, they got the inside scoop on what women want to see.

According to their numbers (which are based on the “most popular/most searched cosplay” searches), PHub discovered the ten most popular costumes that women were checking out.

1. Captain America (+116%)
2. Clown (+87%)
3. Spiderman (+81%)
4. Vampire (+75%)
5. Snow White (+74%)
6. Batman (+56%)
7. Harley Quinn (+52%)
8. Cop/Police (+38%)

You can see their infographic below, which even has some suggestions for the ladies looking for some midnight candy.


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