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Hillary Clinton Went On Univision And It Was A Glorious Disaster


I don’t speak Spanish so this video absolutely bewilders me from all angles. You know when you wake up at a girl’s house and there’s that brief moment ‘holy shit where am I and what is happening?’? This video is two minutes of that feeling. But it doesn’t matter, this is one of those situations where you don’t need language. All you need are strictly the visuals to appreciate what’s going on. I mean, I guess we gotta give Hillary a littleĀ credit for doing literally whatever the hell she can to win herself a couple of votes, but my god, what a glorious trainwreck this was. From dancing with the host to drinking tequila to just being corny ass Hillary Clinton in general, you can just not look away.

So feast your eyes because with the election winding down, painfully embarrassing moments like this from Hillary and the Donald will be few and far between. Donald will go back to grabbing boobies and laying off casino employees while Hillary slides into the White House for another four years of the status quo (the status quo, by the way, is everyone blaming everyone else until the next election… Time is a flat circle).

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