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Cleveland Getting Cocky AF, Cavs Rings Include A Reminder That The Warriors Blew A 3-1 Lead

via Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter

via Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter

Okayyyy, Cleveland. Okayyyyy, let’s take it easyyy. You won A SINGLE championship for the first time in God knows how long. And it was because of the chokejob Warriors. If anything, you should be hanging a Warriors banner in your arena.

I have and will continue to root for Cleveland. As a noted Mets and Jets fan, I have experienced my share of sporting pain, so I totally feel for a city that deals with the magnitude of heartbreak that Cleveland has. You think the Chicago Cubs’ fans have it bad because it’s been so long? Guess what. Those same fans could easily root for the White Sox if they wanted. They’re just stubborn. Cleveland has ONE baseball team, ONE basketball team, and ONE CFL NFL team. They don’t have any other options — what they got is what they got.

Now, I get that Cleveland is hyped AF these days. Good for them. The Cavs are maybe the most likable team in the NBA and the Indians are in the World Series. But I feel as though getting too cocky right after their first ring could grow into some sort of curse.

All I’m saying is that Cleveland should be careful. Don’t want to re-piss off whatever god they pissed off all those decades ago.

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