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WATCH: President Obama Reads “Mean Tweets” On ‘Kimmel’

Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube

While it wasn’t as entertaining as Margot Robbie talking about her “fart box,” Barack Obama reading “Mean Tweets” last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! is definitely worth checking out. Watch Obama laugh off the haters, as his second term as President of the United States is nearing the finish line.

Pretty funny stuff. I especially enjoyed his zinger about lifting the ban on Cuban cigars. I’m most definitely going to get a workout carrying a goddamn metric ton of Cubans back to America the next time I travel aboard.

But of course, the slam dunk of the segment was saved for none other than Donald Trump. The Donald’s face had to have transformed from orange to red after getting ethered like that.

For comparison’s sake, here’s Obama’s first “Mean Tweets” appearance from March of 2015.

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