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WAGS of the World Series 2016: Hottest Photos of Baseball WAGs



Tickets for this year’s World Series are set to be some of the most expensive in baseball history since both Cleveland and Cubs fans are dying to see their teams win a championship. You can bet your sweet behind that a number of the Indians and Cubs players who were given tickets are doing whatever they can to sell a few of them at top dollar and keep the rest for their wives, girlfriends, and side chicks. (Side note: The “S” in “WAGS” doesn’t stand for “side chicks” but it really should at this point.)

Speaking of WAGs, we couldn’t think of two teams with finer better halves than the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. For the Indians, you have Instagram dimepiece Sophia Phalen holding it down with a solid rotation behind her. For the Cubs, you have the latin heat of Christina Barnea–who’s simply en fuego.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the hottest WAGs of the World Series 2016 in the gallery below.

Cleveland Indians

Chicago Cubs

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