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This Week In Florida News: Ax-Wielding Burglars Steal Thousands Of Dollars Of Medicine From Walgreens

via Sun Sentinel

via Sun Sentinel

Your boy had a generally rough weekend so I had to take the L yesterday and work from home. Happens to the best of us. Anyway, I’m back in the office today and I realized I forgot to write my favorite Monday piece: This Week In Florida News. So, me being the committed blogger that I am, here is our Tuesday edition of This Week In Florida news, and boy is it a banger.

According to the Sun Sentinel, two men armed with an ax are accused of stealing drugs worth thousands of dollars from a Davie pharmacy and are being sought by police. Yup, just two ax-wielding dudes lookin’ to make a quick score selling some scripts, you know, Florida things.

Via Sun Sentinel:

The burglary happened at 12:41 a.m. Wednesday at a Walgreens store at 2710 N. University Dr. The men pried open the front door of the closed store and used a small hatchet to break into a door at the pharmacy area, Sgt. Mark Leone said.

Then they broke into a locked cabinet and removed numerous bottles of medication worth just over $4,500, according to Leone.

“It’s possible these guys were in the store before,” Leone said. “They knew exactly the right tools to bring. Hopefully someone says, ‘I know that guy.'”

You guys think Florida even knows there is an election going on? Or are they just running around causing mayhem, living blissfully in ignorance?

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