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Tiffany Scanlon: Hottest Photos On The Web Of ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant

Tiffany Scanlon Hottest Photos


Tiffany Scanlon is a former contestant on the Australian version of The Bachelor and now current girlfriend of Megan Marx, another extremely attractive former blonde contestant on The Bachelor. In fact, that’s how the two women met: on the show. But now those two girls are seemingly done with dumb boys because they have each other to keep themselves happy.

Just yesterday, Tiffany’s baefriend, Megan, wrote on Instagram that the two of them are happily together in Australia and in love. I said this before in my previous post about Megan, and I’ll say it again: I think they’re both faking it for publicity. I recognize that saying two people of the same sex getting together for publicity purposes is pretty sh*tty, but these aren’t regular people we’re talking about here. These are the kinds of people “looking for love” on a reality television show in the hopes that they get noticed and spin that into other jobs.

Tiffany, for example, is making money on Instagram by promoting various clothing companies, workouts, etc. The fact that she does sponsored posts doesn’t mean that she’s a fraud or a bad person or anything (keep getting those checks) I’m merely pointing out that this isn’t a person who tries to keep her private life private. There’s a ton of opportunity and money to be made by getting your reality television show.

Anyways, enough about defending my theory about what these two are up to. Check out Tiffany Scanlon’s hottest photos in the gallery below.

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