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Deadman Walking In Cleveland: The Undertaker Met With The Cavaliers Before Tonight’s Ring Ceremony

the undertaker cleveland cavaliers

(Screenshot via Twitter/@DaveChudowsky)


LeBron James paid homage to The Undertaker by wearing the WWE t-shirt when the Cavaliers needed to rise like the Deadman from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals. Tonight the WWE legend met with the NBA Champions before tonight’s ring ceremony and season opener against the New York Knicks.

The Undertaker was accompanied by his wife- former WWE Diva Michelle McCool- and Dana Warrior- the wife of late WWE legend Ultimate Warrior. LeBron also memorably rocked an Ultimate Warrior t-shirt after the Cavaliers’ jet touched ground in Cleveland after they won the championship.

Just fantastic that Ultimate Warrior’s wife goes by the name “Dana Warrior” as if the former champion’s real first name was “Ultimate”. Pro wrestling is just the greatest.

In The Undertaker’s last publicized photos the 51-year-old was on crutches, so it is’s a relief to see him looking healthy tonight. Hopefully the Phenom can enter the squared circle for at least one more match at Wrestlemania in April.

As a fan of both the NBA and WWE it’s wonderful to see the mutual respect these world champions have for each other. Though I wouldn’t be complaining if the Undertaker decided to give Kevin Love a surprise chokeslam.


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