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Son Hits Mom With Hockey Stick After Her Debit Card Got Declined At Taco Bell

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

You show me someone who’s said they’ve never gotten boozed up and itched for Taco Bell and I’ll show you a goddamn liar. We’ve all made some regrettable late night choices regarding Taco Bell, but a young man from Memphis, Tennessee took things about a million miles too far in his quest for fourthmeal.

22-year-old Logan Badgley had a fierce hankering for some Mexican delicacies and was low on funds, so he asked his mom for her debit card. His mother told him that she didn’t have any money in the account, but Badgley grabbed the card and went to Taco Bell anyway.

When the card got declined, Badgley returned home in a rage. Via The Smoking Gun:

According to a criminal complaint, Badgley confronted his mother in the garage, where he “grabbed his hockey stick” and struck her on the left side of the head. The blow knocked the woman to the ground, where she lost consciousness.

Badgley told police that he had “consumed a few alcoholic beverages during the night” and “did not want to provide his side of the story.” Officers, who placed the hockey stick into evidence, noted that the victim suffered a “1” laceration to the head.”

Badgley was charged with aggravated assault, which is a felony offense. He’s currently being held at the Shelby County jail on a $5,000 bond, and he has a court date set for November 1. Personally, I’m hoping he gets the book thrown at him. Or, at the very least, he should have to tango with Dean Portman for being such a dickhead.

Also, who the hell needs a debit card to go to Taco Bell anyway!? I’m pretty sure he could have raided his couch cushions and been able to at least get a couple of soft shell tacos.

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