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Did This Guy Actually Predict The Cubs Winning The World Series In His 1993 Yearbook Quote?


Michael Lee of the 1993 Mission Viejo, California graduating class is one of three things: a clairvoyant, an a**hole, or just a massive Chicago Cubs fan. It looks like two of the three may be true.

Someone unearthed this 1993 yearbook photo taken in Mission Viejo, California, in which Michael Lee outrageously predicted a World Series win for the then-hopeless Chicago Cubs in his yearbook picture. The BALLS on this guy.

Naturally, people were quick to doubt the legitimacy of this picture, myself included. However, it appears as though classmates of his are coming out of the woodwork backing the validity of the photo.

It all started when Twitter user Thomas Dale tweeted out the photo, saying his mom had unearthed it:

But was there corroboration of the photo? Of course, almost immediately. Reddit user named number1makeitso claims to have found four other copies of the same yearbook, and that Lee’s prediction is in those yearbooks as well. The user posted them on Imgur as evidence.

Similarly, a former classmate of Lee’s, Marcos Meza, provided WGN-TV with video proof (below):

“When [Lee and I] connected on Facebook in 2009 I sent him the photo and told him we were nearing 2016. He posted the photo of his prediction on August 8th,” Meza said. “After my Dodgers lost it was time for me to make this go viral and BeLEEve in the Cubs for 2016.”

All in all, I’m absolutely ENTHRALLED by this story. I feel as though the risk/reward on this one was totally not worth it, like picking Jacksonville to cover a spread. Had he been wrong (which was likely) he would have just been that guy in the yearbook who wasted his yearbook quote. That’s a bad look. A yearbook quote should either be A) ironic, B) self-deprecating, or C) goddamn inspirational. Mikey L went for none of the three. He went for straight psychic status. He went for the legendary swing and he connected.

Michael Lee, I don’t know where you are, but I respect you.

Now the Cubs just need to win, or else Michael Lee will become a new Chicago Cubs curse.

[h/t Brita United v2.0 (my G-Chat with my friends)]

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