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Who Are The Hackers Behind The DDoS Attacks?


Dyn ddos hackers attacks

Remember those devastating hacks at the end of last week? You know, that hack that knocked hundreds of websites offline all across the globe? What websites, you ask? Well, some people got kicked off of Twitter, couldn’t watch their favorite shows and movies on Netflix and weren’t able to listen to their favorite tunes on Spotify, among many, many others sites that were cut off, and people couldn’t read the news on CNN or the New York Times and even on the “no spin zone” of Fox News. Well, what the heck happened here? Who hacked and attacked our servers in the United States and all throughout the world?

According to Yahoo News, National Intelligence Director James Clapper indicates that a “non-state actor” appears to be the one behind the Distributed Denial of Services attacks that flooded the World Wide Web Friday morning and striking the internet for a third time in the middle of the afternoon at 4:30 P.M. (EST). Clapper claims that investigators are retrieving much data on these attacks, which points the finger at non-state actors for this unprecedented cyber attack. Putin can sleep easy tonight (not saying this news has any barring on that, but he sure has been getting flack for the DNC hacks.)

So, who are the hackers behind the DDoS attacks? That’s what we would like to know (us and so would many governments across the world). A group who calls themselves New World Hackers has taken responsibility for Friday’s cyber attack, which temporarily threw many popular sites offline and attacked Dyn, Inc., a major internet firm that provides the domain names for all of the popular websites that were hurt in this hack.  So, then the question arises of who are these New World Hackers who taken the blame for such an unprecedented attack that rippled all across the world wide web? Last year, they hacked the BBC and pushed that website offline for several hours during New Year’s Eve. “The reason we really targeted [the] BBC is because we wanted to see our actual server power,” says the New World Hackers. But that is peanuts compared to the damage they did on Friday.


This group is saying that they are ones solely responsible for Friday’s DDoS attacks. That incriminating claim made by the New World Hackers can’t be verified at this time. But an interview with BBC explains why they would perform such an attack, as the group said, “We have an annual power test each year and this is actually against Russia.  Testing power is the key. Like that we see how much bandwidth each attack outputs…” also saying, “It’s for the good.. Russia is pretty much saying they are better than the U.S by hacking into everything attempting to start a war. We will show them a war.”

New World Hackers message to the world is to “stay educated” and we can learn a lot of how vulnerable our cyber infrastructure can be for the hackers in the shadows to latch onto. We don’t know for sure if they are behind these attacks. But we know for sure that they are a non-state actor, and it looks like they have their eyes set on Russia and the world.

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