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WATCH: Raiders Fan Jumps Off Car, Attempts To Put Jaguars Fan Through Table

Busted Coverage's Twitter

Busted Coverage’s Twitter

On Sunday, the Oakland Raiders traveled to Jacksonville and took the Jaguars to the woodshed, picking up a 33-16 victory. At 5-2, the Raiders look primed to head to the playoffs for the first time since 2002, while the 2-4 Jags seem doomed to have yet another lost season.

But it wasn’t a total disaster for the Jaguars yesterday, as one slick fan was able to escape getting put through a table by a Raiders fan.

And that’s why going off the top rope is a high-risk maneuver, kids. What a crafty move by that wily son of a bitch. Was that a random Jags fan or was that Bret Hart? He played possum like a seasoned veteran to avoid taking a big-time elbow drop. Just uncanny ringsmanship and awareness.

For some bonus tailgate debauchery, check out this 2016 compilation of the always entertaining Bills Mafia.

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