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WATCH: Despite Being 1-6, Aaron Lynch Thinks 49ers Are Among The NFL’s Elite

KNBR's YouTube

KNBR’s YouTube

Outside linebacker Aaron Lynch of the San Francisco 49ers isn’t letting his team’s 1-6 record sour his opinion on his team’s talent level. Why let silly stats like having the second worst point differential in the NFL bring you down? When you’ve got a double-headed quarterback monster of Blaine Gabbert and┬áColin Kaepernick, the sky is the limit!

Here’s Lynch inexplicably placing the 49ers among the NFL’s elite teams.

I know that to succeed in sports you gotta believe in yourself, but this is goddamn ridiculous. I’ve never heard┬ásuch brazen overconfidence in my entire life. Since crushing the Rams 28-0 in Week 1, the 49ers have lost six straight games by a combined 103 points. It’s not like these guys are losing heartbreakers left and right; they are routinely getting blown the f*ck out.

I guess Lynch is just hoping that if he keeps saying the 49ers are good, it will magically come true. We all know that if you say Beetlejuice three times in a row that creepy bastard will show up, so maybe if Lynch keeps bragging about the 49ers prime Joe Montana and Jerry Rice will come save them. It’s far-fetched, but it’s still a better strategy than employing Chip Kelly as your head coach.

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