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I Don’t Even Watch ‘The Walking Dead’ But Holy F*ck Last Night’s Episode Was Wild

via Entertainment Weekly

via Entertainment Weekly

I haven’t watched The Walking Dead since about season three or four. Once they killed the dude with the eye patch is around when I stopped watching. I found it to be repetitive: group kills zombies to find a┬ánew home, group settles into new home, human enemies destroy new home, group relocates, and Rick screams ‘Carrrrrrrlll!’ Rinse and repeat.

However, AMC and The Walking Dead ran a masterclass in cliff hangers and marketing over the last six months, and I found myself compelled to tune in. Mind you, I have zero clue as to what the current status of the show is. Hell, I don’t even recognize half the characters. But what I saw last night was some of the most visceral, nauseating, enthralling television I’ve ever seen. And that’s coming from a dude who doesn’t even like the show that much.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but needless to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something on television like I saw last night. Who knew cable television was allowed to get so graphic. I’m not going to say which character (s) ate it, but holy shit, one of them gets cracked so hard their eyeball literally starts bulging out of their skull. It’s f*cking gruesome.

Anyway, hats off to The Walking Dead for having a formula that works. They run 16 episodes a year, with about eight being average, four being boring, and four being absolutely bonkers. While last night’s episode wasn’t enough to loop me back into the show full time, it was enough to make me want to tune in every time some craziness is about to happen.

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