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I Hate That I Respect Fitzpatrick For Taking A Sh*t On Jets Management In His Post Game Comments

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Ryan Fitzpatrick has played like shit this season. Let’s just get that out there.  He had a flukey career year last year, held out and bet on himself with a $12 million deal, and it’s blowing up in his face, as he now leads the league in interceptions, and began Week 7 on the bench. Next year, Fitzpatrick will probably resurface as a backup on another team, where he will remain until he retires. Which is what he deserves. He’s an average quarterback capable of extreme highs and lows. If Fitzpatrick was a letter grade, he’d be the definition of a C. But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

After yesterday’s 24-16, Fitzpatrick, who started the game on the bench, had some choice words for the Jets brass after being benched in favor of Geno Smith.


“The biggest thing in this game, in order to last, is to have belief in yourself, because when the owner stops believing in you, the GM stops believing in you, and the coaches stop believing in you, sometimes all you have is yourself,” said a defiant Fitzpatrick, who was benched last week.

That’s kind of something I’ve had to deal with before, something I’m dealing with now.”

That’s heat. Considering the circumstances, leading the league in INTs and literally playing his way out of a job, Fitz has no ground to stand on. But, as it is with the Jets, it’s their fault, not his. You know who’s worse than Ryan Fitzpatrick? Geno Smith, that’s who. You wanna know how I know that? Because the Jets waited all summer to sign him so they wouldn’t have to start Geno Smith. You wanna know the second reason I know Geno Smith sucks? Because I have two eyes and a functioning brain. That’s it. That ends the conversation. The Jets LITERALLY signed Fitzpatrick because he wasn’t Geno Smith, so benching him for Geno Smith is going backwards. It’s undercutting your own decision, as well as admitting the season is a bust.

As bad as Fitz has played this year, the Jets should have stuck with him. Through the first six games, they lost to the Bengals by 1 (a game they should have won), beat the Bills, and then lost to the Chiefs, Seahawks, Steelers, and Cardinals. If that isn’t the hardest opening schedule in the league this year, I don’t know what is. And anyone watching the Jets this year knows he’s not the reason for the team’s failures. Sure, he’s a big part of it, but not all of it. The whole team has looked out of sync, and that falls on Coach Todd Bowles, not Fitz. With winnable games against the Ravens, Browns, Dolphins, and Rams coming up, the Jets should have stuck with the guy they waited eight months to pay.

Point is, the Jets decision makers are doing what the Jets do: being completely incompetent. Fitzpatrick hasn’t done a damn thing this year, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

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