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Alabama Fan And Reverend Threatens To Beat Up Beat Writer With Baseball Bat


Alabama Fan Baseball Bat

Alabama football fans are the single most insane group of people on the entire planet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a policeman, a janitor, or even a reverend in the church: if you’re doing something that someone believes is slighting the Alabama Crimson Tide, you’re going to get a death threat.

Just take Michael Casagrande, the beat writer for the Alabama Crimson Tide, for example. You’d think that a beat writer for the home team would be free from death threats from Alabama fans, right? Wrong. After writing one preview about the upcoming Alabama vs LSU game, Michael got this letter from a reverend threatening to kill him with a baseball bat. Literally multiple references to assault by baseball bat. Can’t make this stuff up folks.

You can read the email embedded in the Tweet below:

Obviously threats of violence don’t come easily from a reverend, so he had to make sure that this guy was for real. Guess who doubled down on their douche?

Sheesh, but I mean as the beat writer of ‘Bama, Michael should know that if you suggest that LSU will beat Alabama, people will send you death threats. Even reverends. Oh, what’s that? The article didn’t even say that LSU would win against Alabama? The article was just about how it will be a closer game than people think? The story is literally just a boring list of facts with absolutely no opinion whatsoever?

Well, then what the hell was this reverend even thinking? Obviously, he wasn’t.

We got more than a little curious about the email, so we dug deeper into Michael’s tweet. It didn’t take very long before we found the identifying information we were looking for.





So we quickly dialed up the old Google, found, searched that website for any references of “reverend,” and came up with this little gem of information.

Commissioner Steckel has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from UAB and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology from Birmingham-Southern College. She is married to Reverend Arthur D. Steckel, II, who serves as the Chaplain at Cooper-Green Mercy Hospital.

This guy sounds like such a gem. Someone even found another wonderful bit of writing from the good reverend and shared it with everyone to read.

Honestly, my favorite part about this is that the article that Reverend Steckel hated so much has become the #1 most viewed article on today.

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