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Reports Suggest That Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater Might Never Return From Brutal Knee Injury

teddy bridgewater

(Getty Images)

When Teddy Bridgewater suffered a  knee injury during NFL training camp, the word was that the scene was so gruesome that all his Minnesota Vikings teammates who witnessed it were shaken up.

Then a lot of eyebrows were raised when the Vikings gave up a king’s ransom- a 2017 first-round pick and a 2018 fourth-rounder- to Philadelphia for Sam Bradford, a QB who had never sniffed a pro bowl in his first six seasons in the league.

Now new reports suggest that Bridgewater might never return to the league as a result of the injury, which makes the Bradford trade a lot more understandable. On Sunday NFL Countdown yesterday, ESPN’s foremost reporter Adam Schefter gave this update:

Teddy Bridgewater continues to rehab in Minnesota and he is making progress. Nearly two months after he dislocated his knee, Bridgewater is making strides and Vikings officials are pleased with where he’s at. But other doctors around the league know there are no guarantees Bridgewater will be able to return to the type of quarterback he was, if he makes it back to the NFL at all.

As one doctor who’s worked with NFL teams said this week, ‘If he didn’t make it back, it wouldn’t surprise me. This is a bad injury, about the worst knee injury a player can have.’

The mobile Bridgewater showed some promise in first two seasons in Minnesota after being selected in the first round pick out of Louisville, and you hate to hear about any player’s career potentially ending so abruptly and prematurely. Let’s hope the more optimistic forecasts come to fruition for Bridgewater rather than the doomsday scenario that these doctors are suggesting is a possibility.

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