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Wasted LSU Student Pukes On Everyone, Assaults A Cop, & Gets Caught With Weed All At Once

via WAFB

via WAFB

I feel for this chick — no one deserves to have their transgressions publicized like this, especially when you’re only 20. We all have rough nights, we all f*ck up. If you haven’t, you’re either a liar or an absolutely brutal person to hang out with who has no fun at all. I’d personally rather be a liar. BUT, when your drunken story is this epic, it has to be shared. I’m a man of the people.

I’m not going to use her full name in this article because like I said, I feel for her, but if you’re so curious, you can find it on WAFB where the story was originally posted (and also right above you in the url). Anyway, our girl Renuka (her actual first name) had herself a night for the ages. Seriously, it doesn’t get worse than this. I’ve seen some shit in my day, but nothing like this.

Via WAFB :

Just after 10 p.m., officers were called out to the stadium in reference to a complaint about an LSU student, Renuka 20, vomiting on other students in North Section 227. When officers arrived, she allegedly began to run away. When officers were finally able to catch her at a stairway, she kicked one of the officers in his right knee, causing him to fall.

The probable cause report says after kicking the officer, other officers had to execute a fireman’s carry to take her out of the stadium to prevent her from hurting herself or others. Once out of the stands, officials say she was able to free her leg and kick the first officer a second time. She was taken to the booking room and advised of her rights per Miranda.

While searching her, a clear medicine bottle containing suspected marijuana was found, as well as a smoking pipe.

Honestly, assuming she’s never been in trouble before, she’ll be able to plea down. Even considering the fact that she assaulted a cop, judges are usually forgiving when it comes to a first-time offender, especially when the offender is a drunk college girl. Her lawyer will tell the judge about her innocence, good grades, and remorse, and he’ll plead her down to a public intoxication and fine the hell out of her.

But god damn girl. I’ve seen people puke on themselves and others, I’ve seen people get busted with pot, but kicking a cop? Everyone knows you don’t touch cops. I don’t know if this chick is either A) spoiled, or B) patently insane, but only one of the two can explain this bold AF move.

What would Mike the Tiger ( RIP, say whaddup to Harambe) say?

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