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One Penn State Student Describes The Insanity That Was Happy Valley On Saturday Night


Penn State Beats Ohio State

It was a lovely Wednesday afternoon when a man in a golf cart pulls up next to me and asks if I wanted a ride. Usually, I am skeptical to accept rides from strange and unknown older men, but when I looked to the left and saw that this old man was Coach Franklin, head coach of the PSU football team, I naturally had to oblige.

I hopped in and he proceeded to ask me my name, major, where I was from, etc. While being totally starstruck and lost for words in the confusion of Coach Franklin driving me home, I somehow managed to eek out, “Are you excited for the game this Saturday against OSU?” Even though in my head I knew we were going to royally lose.


Fast forward to around 7:00 P.M. on Saturday night. I was going to sell my ticket because I figured Penn State’s defeat was awaiting us all, but it was the first night game of the season and it was our white out game, so I decided to attend even though it was freezing cold and raining. Before the game started I made my Snapchat a video of Beaver Stadium with the quote, “We gon lose,” everyone’s natural thought at this point in the evening.

However, all of a sudden it was the fourth quarter and Ohio State was only four points ahead, and the energy in Beaver Stadium was nothing I have ever seen before. With four and a half minutes left, Trace McSorley, Penn State’s quarterback, scrambled for the touchdown that put PSU in the lead. I then updated my Snapchat, “Wtf is happening we’re winning.” What happened next seemed to be some sort of a dream.

🔥😲😲😲🏈 Penn State stuns No. 2 Ohio State with a 24-21 win

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The entire student section was screaming at the top of their lungs, jumping up and down and on top of one other, then falling all over the stands. Once we scored the extra point, everyone rushed to the front of the bleachers; there was a point where I was so squished between so many people that my legs were no longer on the ground and I was being held up by the people next to me.

And then, the game was over. Penn State won 24-21. As I tried to clasp onto my friends’ arms as we maneuvered to the front of the bleachers, I looked around and saw everyone doing the same thing I was doing. We were all about ready to storm that mother f*cking field. I got to the front with my friends, jumped off, and ran faster than I think I ever have in my life all while screaming like a maniac. I don’t even know what I was running towards, I just could not believe what had happened. The best part about it was no one even tried to stop the students from getting onto the field, they knew it was going to happen regardless. The next thing I knew the stadium was empty and every breathing human being was now on the field and I was arm in arm with people I did not even know singing the Penn State Alma Mater.

All while this was occurring, students who did not attend the game started the biggest rally I have ever heard of on Beaver Avenue in downtown State College. People were climbing street lights, ripping off street signs, lighting bushes/trees on fire, and projecting “Ohio State Sucks” on the side of buildings. It was absolute madness. I received a text from the PSU Alert system that read, “Avoid downtown State College. Crowd is an unlawful disturbance. Leave the area or be subject to arrest.” And I thought, “Holy f*ck, what the hell is going down over there.” I later found out and saw videos of students being maced and tackled, and an army of police on horses was the necessary force chosen to clear the area. It was hilarious but so dangerous.

Students then RAGED their faces off for the rest of the night. Parties were going on until four or five in the morning because Penn State has not seen a win like that in a substantial amount of time. I argued that classes should be canceled for the rest of the week.

It is safe to say that even though I obtained multiple injuries and a lost voice, and even though students were maced and tackled by police, Saturday night was one of the best nights of our natural born lives, and will forever go down in history.

Only at Penn state would someone take a street light #pennstate #riots #beatosu @shanahanj2 @jeffschmidt4

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Just a small celebration after beating OSU.. #pennstate #wearepennstate

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