You Need To Be Following 'KylieJennersOIdFace' On Instagram Now Because It's A+ Comedy

Look I think Kylie Jenner is super hot and I’ll be the first in line to watch her eventual sex tape, but I’m also fully aware her look is a total bug out. She looks like a cross between an alien with plastic surgery and a Kim Kardashian lizard person clone. It’s wild shit. But she’s hot (for now) so whatever. However, she hasn’t always looked like this, and this Instagram account is determined to make sure you remember that.
KylieJennersOldFace is an Instagram account that had the truly ingenious idea of photoshopping Kylie Jenner’s old, relatively ugly face on her new and improved hand-crafted pin-up body. The results are as hilarious as they are cruel.

Yeah, jarring visual, I know. Credit to Kylie for at the very least for admitting she had surgery. I’m not sure what exactly, but she got her lips done and some other work. I don’t care enough to research, but if you do go ahead. It’s actually kind of sad to think that she’s only 19 and by the time she’s 30 she’s going to look like South Park‘s version of her father.

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