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Curt Schilling Will Now Be Paid For His Crazy Rants, Joins Breitbart As Radio Host

Curt Schilling Breitbart


This is what I like to call “PR 101: Turning A Negative Into A Positive.” Whoever is Curt Schilling’s publicist should get an immediate raise.

The ex-ESPN broadcaster has found a new home as Schilling will begin hosting an online daily radio show for Breitbart, a right-wing political website. Schilling will provide his political commentary as well as allow listeners to call into the show. The move was made to bolster up Breitbart’s on-air talent as Breitbart’s Executive Chair, Steve Bannon, continues to work with Donald Trump to start a potential Trump TV Network.

For those not familiar with Breitbart, it sides with alt-right ideologies, which are as conservative as they come. In other words, Curt Schilling, the man who once compared radical muslims to Nazis, should have no trouble fitting in. I once called Curt Schilling nuts after his rant about Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer. Schilling has definitely taken some Ls recently, including throwing a Trump rally where no one showed up.

What I am about to say is something that I never thought would come out of my mouth: Curt Schilling is actually smart.

Wait, what? How can Curt Schilling be smart? Don’t get me wrong, Schilling is still nuts. The man is off his rocker, actually. That being said, Curt Schilling is going to be paid to share his crazy opinions with the world. Let that sink in. Curt Schilling is going to be paid to talk crazy. How can I fault him for that? He is going to make money for essentially saying whatever he wants. Wouldn’t everyone like to be paid for their opinions? Isn’t that the American dream right there?

Do I still think Schilling is crazy? Yes, but someone is going to pay him to be nuts so it looks like Schilling won this round.

COED Writer