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No One Could Go To The Bathroom At The Alabama Vs. Texas A&M Game

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Define the phrase ‘worst vase scenario.’

I’ll do it for you. 100,000 people packed inside of Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch a football game between Alabama and Texas A&M. Those same 100,000 people are probably chugging a lot of beer and eating a lot of hot dogs and burgers. Now imagine those same 100,000 people were told not to use the bathroom. That looks like a worst case scenario to me.

Well, that’s exactly what happened this past Saturday. Officials at Bryant-Denny Stadium informed the raucous crowd during the third quarter that due to water pressure issues, fans had to refrain from using the bathroom.

As anyone could have predicted, the fans were not happy and took to Twitter to make fun of the situation.

The funniest part about this whole situation was at the time of the announcement, Texas A&M was actually beating Alabama, 14-13 early in the third quarter.

It’s safe to say that the only thing that was flushed down the toilet on Saturday were Texas A&M’s chances of beating Alabama. Roll tide.

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