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WATCH: They Don’t Want DJ Khaled To Snapchat Videos Of His Son’s Birth (So Of Course He Did)

dj khaled

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In the past year, DJ Khaled has took his celebrity to another level with his infamous snapchat account that is mostly videos of him melodramatically saying catchphrases like “major key alert” and “they don’t want you to win” over and over again. Nobody is exactly sure what DJ Khaled’s talent is to begin with, but in our culture that values memes over basically everything else, Khaled has made himself into the undisputed king of Snapchat.

So it shouldn’t surprise anybody that this is the guy who would record a 10-minute series of snap videos documenting the son of his birth. But that doesn’t mean it’s not weird as sh*t.

It’s certainly entertaining for all of us, but I don’t know how his wife put up with this sh*t. There was a human being trying to burst out from inside of her, and there Khaled was filming everything while playing songs from his newest album because this dude doesn’t miss an opportunity to self-promote. And unsurprisingly, Khaled- who gets emotional about running on a treadmill- gets a little choked up when his son arrives.

🙏🏽🔑🙏🏽🦁 all praise to the most high

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