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WATCH: Tom Hanks Moderates The Final SNL Debate, And Once Again It’s Way Better Than The Real One

kate mckinnon trump bingo

(Screenshot via YouTube/ Saturday Night Live)

Saturday Night Live was back at it, and to no one’s surprise opened with a parody of the third and final presidential debate. Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump, though if you watched the debates it’s still difficult to determine whether Baldwin or Trump was more of a parody of the Republican nominee. Kate McKinnon also returned as her sassy version of Hillary Clinton. And Tom Hanks- perhaps the greatest actor of his generation- expertly portrayed debate moderator Chris Wallace.

Each debate has given Lorne Michaels and company plenty of ridiculous material, and this one was no exception. From “bad hombres” to “nasty woman” to his  continuing to assert that nobody respects women more than he does, there was once again a lot to lampoon on the Donald Trump front. Baldwin also took a jab his brother Stephen Baldwin, who has endorsed Donald Trump and stated this week that he doesn’t find his brother’s impression funny.

Hillary Clinton also got her share of the jokes. McKinnon mocked Clinton’s evasion of questions about her e-mails, and deadpanning the question, “Between the two of us who do you trust to be the President: The Republican… or Donald Trump?”

Another fantastic job all around by the folks at Saturday Night Live.

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