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Check Out The Maps Of The DDoS Attacks! See Right Where the Hackers Hit!



A devastating DDOS attack has ripped through the world wide web, affecting access to many popular sites such as Twitter, Netflix, Paypal and Spotify. Even media giants such as CNN and The New York Times has felt the wrath of hackers disrupting their business and essentially throwing viewers off their sites. But where is the damage? How significant is it really? Well, see for yourself! We have maps to show the damage. So that you can gauge the cyber chaos for yourself. Oh, so many sites have been gasping for breath from the Distributed Denial of Service flooding the internet.

Who Happened?

Since this morning, DDOS attacks has thrown hundreds of well-known web sites offline. This is cyber war! This issue is truly unprecedented and is the largest DDoS attack in the history of the United States. The third attack occurred only recently, at 4:30 p.m. eastern time Friday, the hackers continued to stand their ground in defiance of the world wide web. And indeed, this action didn’t just affect the United States – this is an attack has sprouted to many corners of the world and in every significantly populated continent (yes, I’m excluding Antarctica. I suppose that place is too cold for anyone to hack it!)

But why are all these web sites playing attacked? Not all the information is out there, since this is breaking news that is constantly updating. But what I can tell you is that the DDos attacks didn’t target web sites specifically, and instead targeted Dyn, Inc., the provider of domain names for these famous web sites. Currently, Dyn, Inc. is investigating the matter and are mitigating “several attacks aimed against the Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure,” with their engineers attempting to identify and fire back at the hackers. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security have also been investigating and monitoring these cyber attacks.

A live map from Twitter shows that the United States has been recovering from the attacks with outages decreasing, but the issue is increasing in other parts of the world. Netflix released another live map, and conveyed similar results. However, there is still numerous outages still existing in the United States. DownDetector shared a map of their own, which displays outages from Level3 Communications, a company which provides telecommunication services to business customers; you can find it all on their website right here! And just look at the mess these DDoS attacks have had on the mainland United States!

US Map of Cyber Attacks & Updates

Here is a map of the areas affected by the DDoS attack as of October 21, 2016 at 12:24 p.m.  Breaking911 Weather tweeted yesterday this map of internet outage in the U.S. mainland:


Dyn has since reported that “the incident has been resolved” preceding the third attack. Late Friday night, all had cooled and the hackers have been pushed back (for now). Affected web sites are up and running, but this temporary cyber sabotage shows just how vulnerable even the most powerful web sites and corporations can be against the threats posed by hackers.

According to CNBC, these attacks come from devices “infected with malware code released on the Web in recent weeks.” And these attacks are as well coming from “Internet of Things” devices such as DVRs, printers and other appliances that send out the information and dish out cybernetic chaos.

A senior U.S. official likened this attack to vandalism, and said that it does not appear to be perpetrated by any state-sponsored directed destruction. The official also added that it would be impossible to determine when they will find out who is accountable for this worldwide cyber attack.

From Fox News to CNN, this attack has shaken the cyber landscape. And indeed, it even temporary knocked off a website called Indeed. From People to Paypal and from Shopify to Spotify, there is very little refuge from hackers nowadays. There have been hundreds of web sites attacked. Now, that they’re all up ad running again, I’m sure that they’re remaining vigilant and keeping on their toes with the hope of preventing any future cyber attacks on their web sites. They just can’t let these hackers hurt their livelihood!

But for now, the internet is officially out of the red zone. Let’s hope the hackers don’t stir up anymore trouble!


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