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WATCH: Man Takes Magic Mushrooms And Documents The Experience


DrugsLab Magic Mushrooms

The idea of taking magic mushrooms is one that doesn’t interest me too much, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not naturally curious about them. Enter the heroes over at Drugslab who routinely put their brains and bodies on the line in the name of science. This week, Rens tried taking shrooms on camera and documented the experience along with his “trip sitter” Nellie.

I’ve watched every single episode of this show (there aren’t very many yet) and this pretty much confirms all of my fears about taking shrooms. One second you can be feeling great and then the next you’re worried about something awful on a massive scale and just start getting bummed out. I’m sure that if Nellie wasn’t sober and sitting next to Rens that things could have gone downhill a lot faster.

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